In the beautiful countryside of Spanish Catalunya, in a magic valley high in the snowy Pyrenees, flows a deep underground river of one of the best, healthy crystal-clear Mineral Water.
The Mineral Water has a perfect balance of all the necessary minerals and a subtle taste.
"Solsona Mineral Water" owns several natural springs between a depth of 250 and 280 mts.
The water is flowing a long way through the Catalunyan mountains, which are rich in minerals, before arriving at the spring.

The filling process of the flexitanks and the 20ft containers is done with the utmost hygienic care. They are sealed and transported to the customers by the best forwarding companies. No special treatment is used. This concept is a success.

In this way, it is possible to deliver this healthy crystal-clear Mineral Water in bulk at any destination of your choice.

"Solsona Mineral Water" : The name that brings honour to these beautiful Spanish Catalunya Highlands.

Our Quality-Certificates can be downloaded here:

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate - ISO 22000:2005 Certificate - Laboratorium Analysis
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